Bankers Continue Their March on the Post Weddings Page; Takeover Near

In what is likely to be the last ever edition of Ad Hoc Altarcations, we see the Post's wedding section slipping ever closer towards gentrification. Over the course of five items, we are introduced to some consultants, some bankers, some Russians, and a couple who seemed honest until we learned of their address on the… » 6/03/07 1:54pm 6/03/07 1:54pm

Watch Out, Little Ones! Rosé Now In With the Wall Street Journal Crowd

It was just last summer that Sunday Styles declared rosé the official new drink of young American cool. They cited everyone: not just the MisShapes but such hipster royalty as Jay McInerney and the guitarist from Franz Ferdinand. Rosé was the "summer drink to be seen with;" the owner of the Maritime Hotel—that's where… » 6/02/07 4:46pm 6/02/07 4:46pm

Alex Kuczynski Further Distancing Herself From the Disgusting Book…

Back in April, when Alex Kuczynski last contributed to the New York Times Book Review, she struck out against "jealous book critics" who like tearing down modeling novels because they "aren't tall and gorgeous" and because they want "to wield their puny amount of power to establish some sort of moral order." She sort… » 6/02/07 3:00pm 6/02/07 3:00pm

Fear and Anonymity in 'The Ethicist' Up Since Cohen Flap?

Randy Cohen's ethics column in tomorrow's New York Times Magazine features two letters, both of them signed with first and last names. Michael Grimaldi, from Kansas City, Missouri, has a question about his wife and a utility pole; Allison Moule, from Broomfield, Colorado, wants to know why first-class passengers are… » 6/02/07 12:00pm 6/02/07 12:00pm

Baby Boomer From Woodstock So, So Mad at Daphne Merkin

The New York Times mag fills a front-of-book page with a grab bag of the week's correspondence. Some of the people they print are mad, some are sad, and some are impressed. Who are these people? Why did they decide to write in? Did they read whatever they're writing about during brunch? Or, was it on a porch! Gawker… » 5/20/07 6:05pm 5/20/07 6:05pm

A Reader's Guide to Jealousy, Golf, Coke, and Bats

The personal essay is just like people: full of too much information, inherently dull, and a staple fascination of weekend media. The men and women of American letters just really love to get personal on their days off. We reward those who go too far. » 5/20/07 2:11pm 5/20/07 2:11pm

This is sort of like how J.R. Writer from Dipset has a skit…

It's All Happening at 'Sunday With the Magazine'

If you're anything like Gawker Weekend, you were not able to procure tickets for today's "Sunday With the Magazine" festival at the CUNY Graduate Center. The now-annual event—all about the Way We Live Now, starring today's leaders and innovators —is about to get underway, and lucky for those of sitting at home, we can… » 5/20/07 12:53pm 5/20/07 12:53pm

Barack Obama to Rival Jesus In At Least One More Way

Namely, in that starting Monday we'll be able to send youths to camp to prepare them for the rapture that is the 2008 Presidential Election. The Chicago Tribune reports that the inpatient Obamarama starts Monday, meaning that "Campers will be schooled in the policies and promises of Sen. Barack Obama, the Illinois… » 5/19/07 5:50pm 5/19/07 5:50pm

William Safire Takes On the Blacks, Rejects NYT Style Guide

In tomorrow's "On Language" column (not yet online), the linguist William Safire concludes that "In borrowing, as speakers of Standard English do, cool words and phrases from hip-hop and rap ('You the man!' 'You go, girl!'), we should recognize the savvy sociopolitical methods behind its dialectical formulations."… » 5/19/07 5:11pm 5/19/07 5:11pm

'WSJ' Honors "Ironic Trucker Hat" Viral Marketer

This weekend's Pursuits features the return of an apparently legendary Wall Street Journal series called "Creative Leaders." It's a meta-ad campaign that honors the advertising industry's "hottest and most talented creatives" by featuring their photo and a Q & A with them about their work. The original series ran from… » 5/19/07 1:29pm 5/19/07 1:29pm

'The Economist' to New York City: "You Are Neither Special Nor Good"

The latest issue of the most prestigious British rag this side of Hello! features a special report about cities, and guess what? They are more popular than ever. Turns out that starting around now (maybe a little while go, also maybe not yet) more than half the people on the planet live in cities for the first time in… » 5/13/07 5:48pm 5/13/07 5:48pm

'Post' Weddings Section Not Staying In Its Lane

The New York Post has once again rejected their mandate and chosen a bunch of well-groomed professionals for their weddings section, leaving us speechless and a little nostalgic for humbler days. If these trends keep up, Ad Hoc might be headed for the guillotine. That said, there are a few gems in today's batch of… » 5/13/07 2:03pm 5/13/07 2:03pm

Leonard Nimoy "Has No Way of Dealing" With Fattie Fetish Accusations

"Is Nimoy into fat chicks?" » 5/12/07 6:45pm 5/12/07 6:45pm

When did Nimoy first catch the bug? According to Styles, it was eight years ago, when he was in Nevada, showing photos he'd taken of naked Jewesses. At some point during or after Nimoy's presentation, a 250-pound woman came up to him and asked if he wanted to take pictures of her, "a…

'New Yorker' Staff Invades Times Book Review

Okay, so maybe they're not quite invading, but there sure seem to be a lot of them in this week's issue. First there's Dana Goodyear on page 28 with a short piece on Liza Dalby's East Wind Melts the Ice. Then Louisa Thomas, who appears to be an editorial assistant to David Remnick, chimes in six pages later on… » 5/12/07 4:31pm 5/12/07 4:31pm

NYU Journalism Student Teaches College Grads How to Look Smart, Live…, a new "web portal" launched last month, bills itself as "the survival guide to life after college." And while some of their materials seem pretty handy—articles on how to use your student ID to get cheap stuff after graduation, etc.; a roommate-hunter function—the site as a whole makes us wonder whether… » 5/12/07 1:03pm 5/12/07 1:03pm